Indeed it is Japanese!

This year we add a little spice into our year end sale campaign, so we decided on Japanese!

On 25 Dec 2014, we will be organising the 1st ever FUKUBUKURO in Malaysia at HiDY boutique store located at:-

fuku day

So what is FUKUBUKURO?

FUKUBUKURO in brief means “lucky bag” or “fortune in leftovers bag”. It is a new year custom celebrated by the Japanese to let go of old stocks and it could bring luck and happiness to the purchaser. These bags will be filled up with items and will be sold at a super discounted price. You don’t know what’s hidden inside the bag, it is a mystery. Which makes it sooo much fun!

Why on earth did I pick Japanese when half of my life was in Europe?

My sister in law, she has totally inspired me to do it! She’s the GM of the company and has lived in Japan for ohhh soo many years!! I thought, perhaps we can bring a little bit of Japan to our retail culture and perhaps it will remind her of her glorious university years. At least a bit. *grin*


With us at HiDY; http://www.hidy.com.my/  and CIPELA Shoes; http://cipelashoes.com/ , it is a bit tricky as we have sizes to play with. So, we have decided to twist here and there so you will still get the best of FUKUBUKURO that day! We have prepared a total of 110 bags, and 10 super lucky envelopes. These 110 bags will be sold at the value of RM50, RM80, RM100, RM150 and RM200. What’s inside will be determined according to our collections in HiDY and CIPELA Shoes.

For example, you may find 2 pieces of these HiDY Essence in the bag of RM50 :-

eseense essence2

You may also find a mixture of HiDY Essence and HiDY Fusion in a bag of RM80 :-


The FUKUBUKURO bags of RM100, RM150 and RM200 may contain a few premium items like, HiDY Exclusive, with a mixture of HiDY Traditional, some may have a pair of handcrafted CIPELA Shoes with an exclusive piece of HiDY

hidy kurungmix

All depend to your luck that day!

We can only promise you that, there will be a few items in the bag and the price you pay for FUKUBUKURO is totally worth it!

Not to worry, we have indicated the sizes on each of the bag, and on Thursday we’ll make sure it’s easy for your to shop 🙂


What will be on that 10 SUPER Lucky envelopes?

We have something super fun for you. These Super Lucky envelopes are priced at RM200. I can’t spill the bean too much, but all I can only say that, you can choose 😉 old stock? new stock? new designs? what??? I don’t know!!

So, did I get you all excited? 😀

We believe our FUKUBUKURO will definitely bring you luck and fortune to kick start your 2015. So don’t miss the chance to grab a bag on 25 Dec 2014, this Thursday at HiDY store. We will start selling at 11 am, and bags will be released every 2 hours. We’ll see how it goes that day!

I am too excited for this. See you all on Thursday 11am.


date fuku hidy


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