It’s been months since I last blogged. It feels good to have these few hours to write before I call it a night.

I had a few life changing experiences the past few months, and it has opened my eyes to see different perspectives on life. Life, friendship, relationship and businesses all together. They (the elderly) would always say, “God has better plans for you”, “Never give up, God will never give you anything you can’t handle, so chin up”… oh well, I agree and I think, “C’est la vie, nothing is permanent so let’s move on”

Starting up my own business was not as easy as what people perceive. But what people think does not matter, so life goes on for me. I remember growing up, I wondered where will I be when I’m 25? 🙂 Alhamdulillah, I think, I can’t be anywhere better than where I am today. I am back in Malaysia, back with family and close friends again. Though I do wish, I could pack some of my friends abroad with me but then life would be too perfect right? haha! And hey, I have my very own business, shukur alhamdulillah. It’s like a dream.

Growing up, I used to listen to Malaysian singers such as Ella, Sheila Majid, Ziana Zain, Ning Baizura, to name a few lah. I think, their songs really kept me feeling all Malaysian wherever I travel. And as I migrated to Bosnia Herzegovina, I was hooked on Dino Merlin, Nina Badric and Gulben Ergen, Tarkan, Mustafa Sandal BIG TIME. I could play them on and on and on until I could memorise their lyrics and eventually speak their languages fluently. I mean, come one, what other best way to learn new languages if not though their songs, right?? As I write this entry, I have these songs in the background playing. I’m sure when you hear them you’ll reminisce about good times you have had. It has beautiful lyrics ( and yes, I always look at lyrics when I like a song…you know, always trying to relate with what ever I am going through in life 🙂

Here’s some of the songs, they painted a thousand memories for me.

ELLA – Layar Impian

Jika mimpi masa silam
Bisa kusimpan dalam kaca
Jadi perhiasan
Pasti aku abadikan
Zaman riang kanak-kanak
Pabila hujan mengundang
Suasana bahagia
Dalam hidup yang seindah
Mimpi yang tidak pernah
Melukakan perasaan…

Tapi kini bila dewasa
Aku mula sedar betapa mimpi
Hanyalah suatu permainan
Jiwa insan dalam kesepian

Jika mimpi cinta kita
Bisa kuzahirkan
Jadi lukisan yang menarik
Pasti aku sentosakan
Malam pesta bila engkau
Lafazkan janji dan memelukku
Sepanjang tarian
Hingga pipi aku terasa
Basah dalam tangisan
Yang penuh kesyukuran…

DINO MERLIN- Da sutis (to be silent)

Svima reci da sam tu…… tell everyone that I’m here
neka vide, neka čuju… let them see, let them hear
šta mi tijelo osjeća… what my body feels
neku novu struju…. some new kind of current

Slijepa za moju čežnju…. blind for my longing
samo noćas nemoj biti to…. only tonight don’t be like it
ja znam da ti možeš puno bolje…. i know you can do much better
naravno da znam ja to…. of course i know that


Dobro je kad u životu…. its good when in life
za nesto se boriš….. for something you fight
rukama stvoriš…. create with your hands
dobro je kad u životu…. its good when in life
nekoga voliš, neko te voli…. you love somebody,and somebody loves you
Dobro je kad u životu…. its good when in life
neko te sluti, ti nekoga slutiš…. somebody yearns for you, and you yearn for that somebody
ali je najbolje kad u životu… but it is best when in life
imaš nekog s kim možeš… you have someone with whom you can
ovako da šutiš…. be silent like this

Ne slaže se calendar… the calendar doesn’t match
moga doba i tvoga tijela… of my age and your body
ne idu ni s godinama tvojim… they don’t even go with your years
ove bore i kosa bijela…. these wrinkles and white hair.
Zatvori mi kapke ti… close your eyelids for me
usnama sklopljenim u jednu…. lips folded into one
ja odavno ne znam kuda… I for a long time don’t know where
odlaze voljeni kad krenu… loved ones go when they leave



Nice songs right? What’s your favourite songs from your past?


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