Sunday booze


Work and life have been rather hectic lately. From time to time, I like to sit by myself have a cup of tea or coffee and reflect on things. Today, was the time. I escaped for an hour to enjoy quality-me-time. I needed it. Relax, calm down a bit, and write or just read. Mostly think and day dream.


When I get this leisure time, I usually write to those who have left their footprints in my heart. One of the people I wrote to was my sensei. I have gone through ups and downs throughout the process of starting up my business and she has seen it all. Well, from the stories I’ve been feeding her of course, she’s really ‘ancient’ like that with this IT google thingy. And my close friends and family are my pillar of strength really. Without them, I am not sure how I could manage all the work and things I do.

Some replied with “awwws” “shukur” or more motivational supports. Food for soul kinda reply. But this sensei of mine, she’s really a gem.

Her reply was in a series of illustrated pictures and short write-ups

1. I’ve been bugging her to get the iphone5. So she sent me this to make me feel guilty.


2. I went through some crazy period recently; financially draining, mentally and physically deranged by the experience. So she sent me this;


3. Told me this;


4. Reminded me to be good with my diet regime (hahahha)


5. Listen to elder/ wiser people advices


6. And always to remember that…


7. And never feel lonely or walk alone in life because she’ll always be there


8. Last but not least


Hahahahah I laughed cried and laughed again so much!! Rereading the email. So funny so touchy. I am really blessed to have met her in my life. God ma, you rock! Age is only a number. Or maybe two. Lol



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