Small little things


I used to write to famous bloggers, vloggers and upcoming artists before. Just a short msg of how they have inspired me to improve myself and conveyed my support to their amazing art work or writings. BUT never once did I get a reply. Not that I care much, they’re probably too busy doing amazing things and know that they are still highly in demand regardless what.

HOWEVER, tonight is different. I stumbled upon one of my much loved, much appreciated TV personality, writer and poet; Ras Adiba Radzi ‘s personal facebook.

Immediately, I clicked the button msg and wrote my way to her. Again, nothing crazy or stalker-ish msg. Just few long words of appreciation towards her contribution to the nation, how she has inspired many women, and most of all how she has inspired me to become a better person and not to take things for granted. Just a brief introduction my friends, she was one of the top TV presenters back in late 1990s before she injured herself in a car accident and became paraplegic/ paralysed from waist below. I was merely 8 or 9 years old back then. I vividly remember reading about her stories, her health progress and mostly her hardship adapting to her new life. She went through so much at one point, I stopped reading about her. Because, it was just too hard to read anymore. In my heart that time, I could just pray that she gets better soon and that Allah makes it easy for her. But then, one day I heard her reciting poems with Dato A.Samad Said at an event, my heart just stopped, it was beautiful. (OK, I’ve always had a thing for literature and poetry, I just never pursue it as a degree or career) so, from time to time I did read about her and follow her progress again. She did amazing things!!! I am so jealous now. Haha. It makes me wanna do at least half of the things she did!! She wrote novels, poems, performs in theatre, joined Paralympics, sharp shooters, If I am not mistaken she is a professional swimmer too! Oh yeah, still rocking the TV and News presenter. One super-multi tasked this woman.

Anyhow, back to that msg I wrote to her earlier! Just within few minutes, I received a reply back from her! It was sooooo unexpected! I swear, I was jumping off my bed as I read her reply. I couldn’t believe my eyes that she wrote back, with about the same length as I wrote to her. Ok, maybe half the length, but that was still looong! She was so humbled with the msg I wrote to her, we did exchanged a few msgs over facebook msg. Unbelievable! 🙂

I wrote to Ras Adiba Radzi, and received a reply. It is Ras Adiba Radzi. Not a fake one. I can feel it from her writing.

I surely will sleep with a smile tonight.


Ps: you can follow her too, on facebook. Here’s the link;-


About NHidayah Hassan

An Accountant by training, turned Fashion Entrepreneur. Runs her own fashion brands; clothing line; HiDY – and shoe design & production house – CIPELA Shoes and Accessories – Obsessed with her nieces, nephews and shoes. In love with the idea of quality family time, work life balance. Enjoy reading on real estate development and management. Visiting factories and manufacturers is like tea party! Genuine world traveler and lover to art pieces. Talk food anytime, it’s always an icebreaker.

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