Marriage Galore


11 March 2012

I am at the age where girls get marriage proposals or going towards that route and wherever they go, the other half tag along. It is like our latest accessories, they go wherever we go and we proudly brag about it. And girls tend to say, ‘’owwhh, he’s my fiancé” or ‘’owwhh, he’s my boyfriend”. Then, the next obvious question would be, ‘’aawww, when is the wedding?’’ or ‘’when are you guys getting married?’’. Seriously? When did we grow up so fast? It feels like it was only yesterday I stepped into high school!

Now that people around me are either getting hitched or getting pregnant, it gets me thinking, when is the right time to settle down? And why do we use the word ‘’settle down’’ and relate it to ‘’getting married’’ at first place when we all know that marriage comes with extra responsibilities package with a huge ribbon bow of commitment? When would be the ideal age for a lady to get married? And what if the marriage proposals never arrived?

I personally believe in marriage. I do hope and pray that one beautiful day I shall be married to a wonderfully responsible guy, insyaAllah.

When I discuss about the ‘’ideal age’’ to get married with my girlfriends, many would comment that they would never know until ‘‘Mr. Right’’ comes into their lives and the proposal arrives. But then, what if ‘’Mr.Right’’ comes along, BUT you are not ready to be married? Would you say NO? Or YES and sacrifice your initial plans? And, what if you are ready to be married BUT “Mr. Right’’ never came knocking your door? Would you marry the next guy who comes along?


About NHidayah Hassan

An Accountant by training, turned Fashion Entrepreneur. Runs her own fashion brands; clothing line; HiDY – and shoe design & production house – CIPELA Shoes and Accessories – Obsessed with her nieces, nephews and shoes. In love with the idea of quality family time, work life balance. Enjoy reading on real estate development and management. Visiting factories and manufacturers is like tea party! Genuine world traveler and lover to art pieces. Talk food anytime, it’s always an icebreaker.

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  1. For me Mr Right came along a long time ago and asked me to marry him when I wasn’t ready. I was honest and told him so and he understood and waited patiently until I was. My belief is that if you have found Mr Right (or he has found you!) he will move heaven and earth to be with you. He will wait until you are ready 🙂 So don’t fret. Love comes when you aren’t looking anyway 🙂

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