Me, myself and I


9 March 2012

Who is this lady behind

I was born and raised in a Muslim family in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and grew up in Bosnia Herzegovina and where I spent my teenage years. Then, I came back to Malaysia to further my studies for about a year before jetting off again to Europe to study in England for my second and final year.

Since university days, I have always had a fond interest in Management Accounting subject. It was indeed a tough subject to go through during university years and I remember complaining about it to my friends back then. But it gives insight knowledge to accountants on how to be excellent at managing costs, inventory, risks and strategic planning of an organisation which I later decided to master the subject. To be honest, I took a good 1 year to decide what exactly I wanted to do after university.  I graduated in the year of severe global economic recession and I knew that I would have troubles getting a job that I really wanted which were; Retail Accountant or Finance Analyst at Arcadia Group or Inditex Group. These companies are two of global leading retailers and working with them would give an immense knowledge of how fast fashion distributors work globally. But NO, I didn’t get in. So, life goes on.

Whilst still studying in university, I used to do odd jobs from retail assistant, hotel receptionist, to clergy jobs just to get extra pocket-money to shop and travel. I am a big believer of ”there’s more to life than just study and eat” and ”one’s life is one’s schools of thought”. Yes, education is important as it gives an understanding of what one may be capable of achieving, vision and empathy for life. And there is only more to it. I still remember years ago someone so dear to me, said that ”formal education will certainly make you a living, BUT remember self-education will make you a fortune, so never stop learning. Let it be from people, or past experiences, especially books, and history”. Hence, I chose to work part-time while studying for final papers so that I could travel after and meet different types of people in different countries, explore their cultures and see different things that matter most to different people.

*to be continued*


About NHidayah Hassan

An Accountant by training, turned Fashion Entrepreneur. Runs her own fashion brands; clothing line; HiDY – and shoe design & production house – CIPELA Shoes and Accessories – Obsessed with her nieces, nephews and shoes. In love with the idea of quality family time, work life balance. Enjoy reading on real estate development and management. Visiting factories and manufacturers is like tea party! Genuine world traveler and lover to art pieces. Talk food anytime, it’s always an icebreaker.

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